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Current WPSC Board Members

Jocelyn Cody – President

Betsy Gilland – Honorary President

Michelle Owens – 1st Vice President

Jill Mitchell – 2nd Vice President

Renee Callahan – Parliamentarian

Beth Mentis – Secretary

Natasha Putt – Treasurer

Maddie Rodriguez – Properties and Decorations

Rob Nowicki – Ways and Means Manager

Tiffany Elgan – Ways and Means Financial Manager

Leah Lagasse – Special Clubs

Christina Coronato – Programs

Kaitlyn Geary – Historian

Sabrina  Bowers- Publicity

Emmy Compeau – Casino Night

Isabel Martinez – Membership

Alison Kohtz – Communications Manager

Romina Anazagasty – Grants

Haley Erwin – Scholarships

Julie Bianchi – Honorary Advisor