Wouldn’t it be great to be able to join an amazing group of military spouses, be a bigger part of your community, and have a great time while doing it?

Now you can!

The WPSC offers its members the ability to join in different events throughout the year all while providing an opportunity to meet fellow spouses and offer support to the West Point community.

Who can be a member?

**Members must be 18 years or older

What does being a member mean?

Being a member of the West Point Spouses’ Club means that you and your spouse will have access to all of the amazing things that the club has to offer. 

You’ll also be helping us to volunteer and raise money for our community, as well as help us continue our goal of giving out grant and scholarships to those in need.

Members pay an annual membership that is good throughout the fiscal year. (June 1st- May 31st)

Members and their spouses receive free entry into a wide variety of clubs such as Book Club, Reel Fun, Cocktail Club, and so many more!

You’ll also receive discounts on different events held throughout the year such as our wildly popular Casino Night.

*Memberships are $25

What are you waiting for?! Sign up today!

“Since attending Pre-K at Sacred Heart School to graduating from high school at O’Neill, the West Point Spouses' Club has directly and indirectly helped with my education whether it was a smartboard installed at Sacred Heart or your generous support of O’Neill’s extracurriculars….I am sincerely thankful for this scholarship…”